Decode – The Performance Competency Gap

Through our years of experience in Organisation & People Development consulting, we often hear CEOs, HRs & L&D heads voicing concerns over complacent managers and their one-size-fits-all approach. The challenge for many organisations is that managers are uncomfortable with uncertainty and change. They are not equipped to meet the leadership requirements of today and the future. Across countries, industries, and organizational levels, managers still operating to suit slower moving and less complex business environments are getting left behind. DECODE is a scientific psychometrics driven intervention to bring about a positive change. The objective of decode is to help leaders assess and develop the key competencies to bridge the ‘future leadership’ gap.

Program Venue and Dates:
Mumbai - 16th &17th May, 2019
Bangalore - 20th & 21st June 2019
Delhi - 11th & 12th July 2019
Chennai 9th and 10th August 2019

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