Webinar : Behaviour Competency Analytics

About the Webinar
Behavioural Competency Analytics measures an individual's learning potential in a quantifiable way and reveals which behaviour is effective to achieve organisational goals. It offers a scientific and objective approach to understanding the groups’ unique Behaviour, Attitude and Thinking - BAT. Behavioural Competency Analytics helps organisations track and measure individual’s innate personality traits, motivational drives, abilities, behaviours, and examine group behaviour exhibited by employees. By compiling the individual behavioural data, it becomes easier to identify the gaps and areas of improvement in the team, thereby boosting productivity of the organisation.

It also enables businesses to understand the performance competency of their people and make better decisions on how to motivate their employees. As organizations seek to invest and develop their employees, having insight into these metrics will provide guidance on how to best enable performance and make better decisions on how to motivate their employees.

'Who should attend'
Professionals in the L&D sphere
Coaches/Managers/HR looking for certification in Behaviour Competency Analytics

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