Leadership Agility Boot Camp 2.0

Venue: Discovery Village, Nandi Hills, Bangalore

About the event:

With digital disruption constantly changing the playing field, organizations seek leaders who can take decisions with incomplete information, work through unexpected changes and have the ‘never say die’ attitude to getting results. These qualities, collectively known as Leadership Agility, now determine the ‘future fluency’ of your leaders.

Carefully curated by OMi, this fast track Leadership Agility Boot Camp focuses on introducing the fundamentals of Leadership Agility. This fully immersive residential program, spread over two engaging days and one reflective night, will have experts from OMi to help you challenge routine operational mindsets and provoke the birth of powerful new habits to equip your leaders to take charge in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.

Benefits of the Program

  1. Step out of your comfort zone and break inhibitions to face challenges
  2. Anticipate change well in advance and take precautionary and productive steps to face it
  3. Confidence to take innovative technical and behavioral risks
  4. Mitigate the risks by staying well updated to technology
  5. Be ready to adapt to an ever-evolving world
  6. Opportunity to network with participants from different industries


  • Focus on continuous improvement in your current functioning to increase efficiency and advance performance
  • Transitioning from responding to customer demands to anticipating customer demands, leading market trends to setting market trends, seizing opportunities to creating opportunities, staying ahead of competition to making competition irrelevant
  • Examining the environment, collect information even if it seems irrelevant at the moment, infer patterns and anticipate events to decide the initiative that needs to be taken
  • Being quick to pick up cues, adapt to the changed surroundings, being flexible in your approach and put established concepts at rest to apply new learnings to the situational demands
  • Through activities, you will hone ability to view seemingly familiar situations from different perspectives, appreciate the novelty inherent in them and question underlying assumptions to devise creative solution.
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February 22 @ 09:00