Crafting Crucial Conversations

Not all conversations carry matter equally. When the stakes are high and emotions run deep, conversations become more than just a transnational exchange of information, they become crucial; It becomes a vehicle with the potential to make or kill relationships, careers, self-esteem or simply change a life.

As a boss/ parent, whether at work, at home, with family, colleagues, teams, friends, or kids, there are points in time in our relationships that have future defining potential; where the outcome of the conversation is that much more important.

For instance, be it a performance appraisal, exit interview with a star performer, convincing your boss to make a drastic decision or discussing with your spouse about a ‘family uprooting’ matter.

When the time comes, are you equipped to handle those crucial conversations?

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Playing your Cards Right – Communicating with Influence

Communication is like playing a card game - the outcome depends on how wisely you choose and play your card. Same goes with communication.

The outcome of your communication depends whether the communication card you have chosen to play is appropriate for the moment. You either win big or fold. The different environments you work in, types of people, their upbringing and emotional baggage will necessitate you to flex your communication constantly – gauge which card to play and when.

People assume to know a lot about their Communication, due to their many interactions every day.

But constant conflicts, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, broken relationships and the frustrations of hitting a wall with people we love, are proof that we actually don’t really understand it.

To connect with people, to build strong bonds, to grow interpersonal relationships, to persuade or convince people, to do what you want them to do, you need to learn to ‘Play Your Cards Right’.


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