Professional Presence

As one moves ahead in his/her career and faces greater complexity, s/he is expected to assert influence, galvanize people to take action, and project an air of gravitas that commands respect. As managers, they need to build a compelling image that builds trust.

Simply put, leaders with great Presence, Poise and Articulation are heard and noticed more.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why professional presence is important and how it’s linked to your personal growth
  • How to recognize your leadership style
  • The power of communication, including body language
  • How emotions, both yours and others, impact relationships
  • Tips to help build your confidence

Through the course, you will be helped to move out of glue like mindsets and do the “homework” of knowing your strengths, weaknesses, talents and biases - that are crucial to aligning people’s impression of you with your best authentic self.

Trustomer First

The Sales and Service industry is built on the TRUST a customer places in YOU and by trusting you your customer has given you power to define his experience; the power to elevate the transaction beyond an exchange of currency.

The Trustomer First program helps participants identify and address trust gaps in their interactions with customers. Connecting real-world examples with proven methodology, participants discover how to communicate transparently, improve customer service, build team trust and much more.

If you aspire to build a loyal customer base, Oscar Murphy Life Strategists offers you a comprehensive and powerful learning experience that can foster relationships driven by TRUST.


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