Evolve from HR to Strategic…

Evolve from HR to Strategic Business Partner for your organization.

Prepare yourself and your organisation to move into strategic HR.

Strategic HR is not just the administrative dimensions of human resource functioning and much more than just the regular recruitment exercises, payroll, leave rules, annual appraisals, boring negotiations, and other not so exciting aspects.

Strategic HR is about taking an active part in the overall corporate strategy,

It is about understanding the human resource needs of the organisation for the growth to happen.

It is proactive in its very approach rather than reactive.

It is not about recruiting to fill numbers but to strategise to attract the right candidate for the right job.

It is not about interviewing based on knowledge and skills alone but to actively look at Attitudes, Behaviours and thought processes that align with the job description.

The strategic HR plays a vital role in getting the best out of every single human resource that the organisation has invested-in – moving beyond the scope of Human Resource Administration to Optimization.

How to get them to produce maximum is the living mantra.

The answer lies with psychometrics.

Psychometric tools serve to bring an objective and impersonal view into the personality, intelligence, attitude, and beliefs of individual and groups. They are used world over by growing companies to drive major organizational development processes and initiatives that have a direct impact on quantifiable business objectives.

As HR, developing the ability to quantitatively measure aptitudes, behavioural styles and internal attitudes of your people will help you take decisions, plan and align process with the core business in a more strategic manner.

This capability will take you beyond the scope of Human Resource Administration to Optimization through scientific measurements of behavior.

A Battery of Powerful Psychometric Assessments.

Oscar Murphy Life Strategists has developed and has been using a range of proprietary psychometric assessments for close to 20 years, helping organizations, large and small, drive performance and reach strategic targets. We are also known in the industry for certifying consultants, coaches and HR& LD professional looking to establish themselves as strategic business partners to organisations. You can read more about psychometric interpretation here


Get certified to become a Psychometric Interpreter and learn to leverage the science of psychometrics to drive OD, develop succession plans, design organizational climate surveys and other crucial organisational level initiatives.

As a Psychometric Interpreter, you gain access to OMI’s battery of custom psychometric tools, each identifying a unique dimensions of performance competency, strengths due to heredity & environmental upbringing, communication habits and behavioural tendencies.

You can then draw from these results to compile team profiles, department level culture surveys and development plans for individuals, teams and the organization.

As a certified Psychometric Interpreter, you can own this competency and administer and interpret these tools independently, in the way you conceive to be most beneficial for your organization.

It is time to change the way we look at HR. Take the right steps now, take it early so that you and your organisation are better positioned to work towards higher productivity and performance, not to mention profits.