Strategic Agility

Can we fit long-term thinking with the busyness of everyday life and an unstable situation in our world? In times of complexity where we don’t have a clear sight, how do we navigate in a transforming marketplace with a steady stream of opportunities and challenges?

How do we adapt as we go, yet keep course?

The quest to create and retain a sustainable competitive advantage is never complete. Organisations need to evolve to successfully meet the challenges of changing internal and external operating environments.

‘Strategic Agility’ helps you acquire the knowledge to effectively create and execute strategies that will get your organisation from where it is to where it wants to go. It encourages people to develop the personal and strategic insight to effectively craft strategy appropriate to the situation, evaluate strategic options and make informed strategic decisions.

Collaborative Leadership

In this fast paced chaotic and highly competitive business environment, the value of strategic collaboration is many times more than the sum of its parts. Technology is levelling the playing field for the competition and the margin of differentiation between competitors is decreasing. For organisation to address the kinds of novel, complex, and multi-faceted problems that they face today, staying ahead of the curve is not enough – they need to Jump the Curve. Organisations require a surge in innovative thinking that is likely beyond the capability of any single entity, they need to harness the knowledge and expertise of all stakeholders to innovate, partner effectively, compete and win.

Collaborative leaders understand that while they have many good ideas and opinions of their own, they need to leverage the collective intelligence to deliver results across boundaries.

OMi can help bring a transformation to collaborative leadership by empowering your leaders to lead through influence rather than just positional authority, engage and align people, focus their teams, sustain momentum and perform.

If you believe your organisation is ready for collaborative leadership, let’s talk.

Business Acumen

What is Business Acumen? Who needs it? How do you acquire it?

With volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and the rate of disruption increasing to unprecedented levels, leaders need to be in tune with the market conditions and their customers expectations in order to help create the strategy or simply align actions more effectively to their company’s strategy.

Business acumen, is defined as an intuitive and applicable understanding of how a company makes money and includes strategic thinking, financial acumen, market orientation, innovation collaboration and influencing skills.

Digging deeper, leaders with higher levels of business acumen will ask questions that take into consideration the far-reaching impact of potential decisions and demonstrate a greater ability to make the connections between performance and results.

If you believe business acumen is a competency that is essential to the growth of your people and the organisation, do reach out to us.

Change Management

Dealing with the demands of change is the biggest challenge facing every business today. It will also be the biggest challenge you face next year and the year after that.

While it is sometimes called the soft side of change, managing the people side of a change is often the most challenging and critical component of an organizational transformation.

OMi’s approach to change management will look at how we can help your leaders mobilise your people through Clarity, Unity and Agility. Our methodologies first seek to understand the individual needs of people and teams when grasping change and using this data to craft communication and development strategy that transforms them to embrace the future.

Managing Minds

“Today, the real mark of a successful organization is the loyalty of an employee, not a customer” A high-performance workforce is a critical asset for any organization. So why is it becoming harder than ever to achieve? And what can you do about it? The engagement game is changing. Major forces are reshaping what employees want and need from their employers to perform at their best. Managing people’s minds and hearts can be categorised by three critical drivers that help to ensure that individuals feel more than just a tiny cog in a large machine!
  • They have pride in their company
  • They feel valued for the work they do
  • They are challenged enough to keep growing

The rate of change many organisation’s face today can leave their people feeling emotionally detached, demoralised and left behind.

‘Managing Minds, Winning Hearts’ helps managers improve standard of work, boost productivity and increase effectiveness of their people through psychology based approaches to emotional engagement and mental stimulation.

EQ Leadership

How well do your leaders assess their own feelings? How well do they handle those feelings without becoming swamped and get their jobs done? Can they perform well at their peak and sense other’s feelings while handling effective relationships?

Knowing what are the triggers that drive our emotions, as well as understanding triggers of those around us, can truly heighten the ability to communicate more effectively.

Would you like your leaders to be able to deliver better business results for the inevitable future, by having a better understanding of the impact they have on others?

‘The EQ Leader of tomorrow’ integrates these essential factors of successful leadership into a concrete blueprint for the leaders of the future. This helps your managers understand the choices they have in terms of their own behaviour, and the impact of those choices on themselves, their team, those around them, and ultimately the results they deliver for the betterment of the organisation.

Managing Millennial's

Millennial's are the fastest-growing, largest employee generation in the workforce today. Along with timely skills and valuable ambition, they bring a unique employee mind-set, new set of values, attitudes and work styles into the workplace. Are your team leaders equipped to manage and retain millennial's? Do they understand this generation’s cultural dynamics, motivational drives and behaviour/communication patterns?

This intervention helps leaders gain an insight into the millennial personality styles/traits, individual drives & motives and discuss ways to motivate and retain them to make their work more meaningful and challenging. It also focuses on creating a workplace that makes the millennial's feel safe to speak up and participate in broader discussions.

Wish to equip your managers with the skill sets to tap into your millennial workforce’s potential, reach out to us.

Customised Interventions

Do you need a tailor made program for your organization?

At OMi, we understand that trans-formative interventions cannot be off the shelf or generic, we give you the insight into your people that help you decide priority programs and strategic development initiatives. We work closely with your organizational stakeholders to design interventions keeping in mind your leadership development and organizational strategy.

Our Behavioural interventions brings the attention of the participant to their attitude, beliefs, values and thought patterns when it comes to work, performance and growth. It targets the three dimensions that form the key to unlocking any personal transformation: Behaviour, Attitude and Thinking.

If you wish to discuss a requirement that is unique to your position or even sound us out to help understand your people situation, reach out to us.

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