Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation is a continuous activity and not an annual exercise. It allows the managers to take quick and effective decisions that positively impact their unit's efficiency, profitability, and overall performance.

How to make the performance appraisal process engaging and meaningful? How do leaders leave their respective team members positive after the performance appraisal?

This intervention provides a process for effective performance reviews and alignment of performance with rewards. Being able to conduct well-run performance evaluation is a skill by itself; if not done well, even your STAR performers can get de-motivated.

Campus to Corporate

Graduate Trainees taking their first step into the corporate world need to prepare and gear up themselves for far greater challenges than what they have experienced during their campus life! How do you as an organization help them with this transition? How to find one’s unique identity as a professional that sets him/her apart from the competition and contributes to the overall team success?

C2C - Campus to Corporate process intervention is specially designed to assist your graduate trainees create the right impact during his/her initial days and go on to become valuable assets for their teams and the organization.

Learning Agility

“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be the ones who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” Learning agility is a tool for leaders who want to stretch themselves at work, examine their strengths and take concrete action to develop their weaker skills so as to reach their untapped potential.

Learning agility is what happens when a lawyer is asked to maintain a robust social media presence or a financial professional is tapped to open a global office even with limited knowledge of the new country’s economy or culture, and yet they overcome their lack of experience and discomfort and find a way to simply make it work.

The session will help leaders to remain flexible, adjust and readjust to tasks or projects. Also, those with high levels of learning agility purposefully find unfamiliar experiences in order to learn from them, subsequently applying them to future scenarios or scenarios they may have stumbled upon in the past.


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