People Strategy

Everyone talks about people strategy, but, yet struggle in dealing with people issues day in, day out. People are the backbone of every enterprise. Then, how do you get the best out of your investment in your people? What are, the critical do’s and don’ts in people optimisation? How to avoid the pitfalls and not get stuck with variety of challenges in people management?

Oscar Murphy Life Strategists’ approach to developing your people strategy model moves away from traditional inward-looking job forecasting to a future oriented vision led development.

The Approach

Discovery/needs analysis
Through extensive interviews with key stakeholders, shadowing of leaders and interactive sessions with your talent pool and HR functions we collect insight into your organisation’s long and short-term strategy, people & productivity and skills & competencies.

• What capabilities is your organisation looking to build in the next five years?
• What are the current trends, challenges and anchors with regards to your people that hold you back from reaching your organisation's goals?
• What roles are strategic to your organisation's future?
• What traits do future leaders need to demonstrate? What is the desired mix of technical and behavioural skills in your leaders?

Defining objectives

At the Leadership Level
The expectations from the Leadership team are chalked out,paving the way for the next stage in leadership developmental planning.
• What message will the leadership drive throughout the organisation?
• What will the communication strategy be for people to accept the change?
• What are the right behaviours that leaders need to role model in order to create a culture?

At the Team Level
Setting objectives in terms of resource utilization and talent development to stay competitive and ready to meet demands from the market.

• What are the capability benchmarks we need to set and meet?
• What should we set as expectations from development initiatives at this level?

Developing Solutions

Evolution of the right people strategy will involve implications for organisation culture, leadership hierarchy and employee value proposition.

Drive Performance

OMi will help facilitate the rolling out of your new people strategy through progress meetings and stakeholder interactions as well as augment the execution phase through 1:1 leadership coaching for key leaders.

Executive Coaching

Your top leaders are at the forefront of a ‘do or die’ campaign to thrive in a competitive market. It falls on their shoulders to drive your organization’s business and people strategy through ambiguity and volatility.

With such a critical role to play in a constant grind, OMI’s senior coaches can help your leaders see through different eyes, bring a fresh perspective, develop the mental fortitude to weather challenges and be a powerful asset in the journey to delivering on your organization’s potential.

If you would like to talk to our senior coaches Sreenidhi Sam Kris & Tay Chinyi Helena,
Reach out.

Management & Leadership Development

Research into the obviously disruptive characteristics of the business environment today indicates that the present understanding of leadership can no longer meet the complex requirements of a technology fuelled growth. For your organization to continue to grow, attract the best talent and deliver products and services that define the future, your leaders must evolve too. On priority.

The future doesn’t happen, you make it happen.

Oscar Murphy Life Strategists’ Leadership Development interventions focus on three levels of transformation:

  1. Awareness:
  2. Leaders must become cognizant that there is a different way of understanding the world and that doing things in a new way is possible.
  3. Unlearning and Re-learning:
  4. Challenge old assumptions through analysis and questioning. Experiment with new assumptions and explore their potential to become the new and better normal.
  5. Pushing Forward:
  6. For new ideas to gain traction and replace the older ones, the ultimate test of endurance will continue to be the will to take another step forward.

However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to leadership development. Let us discuss your organisation’s strategic vision and custom build the leadership development intervention that will get you there.

Talent Management

In the war for talent, your organization can either be the VICTOR or the VICTIM, based on your talent management strategy.

Our expertise in psychometric tools and people strategy can help you:

  1. Recruit the right talent, through cutting edge selection assessments, performance predictors and training to conduct behavioural interviews.
  2. Engage talent through a strategy that includes intellectual growth as well as emotional and personality development.
  3. Create an employee value proposition in line with your organisation’s brand.
  4. Create competency framework to measure progress and impact of teams.

If you would like to discuss how OMi can help you manage your talent strategy, do get in touch with our experts now.

Selection & Recruitment

Finding the right hire who both fits your company's culture and can perform to and beyond expectations, can be a challenge.

Selecting people for technical skills or knowledge alone does not guarantee optimal performance. Choosing candidates by foreseeing what they can do when they are at their best, results in optimal performance.

We approach the question of selection and recruiting from three main angles:

  1. Can An Individual Do The Job?
  2. Will an Individual Like The Job?
  3. What Will Get In An Individual’s Way?

Our consultation methodology uses proven psychometric assessments from The Assessment World to gauge aptitude, personality, performance indicators on crucial leadership competencies, internal motivators and behavioural & communication habits.

Our experts will give crucial insight on each candidate’s fit for the job and likeliness to perform in the role, based on the background and context of the organization.
OMi can help you hire the right candidates for top priority roles.

Change Management

Today, achieving competitive advantage in the traditional way– in terms of scale or profitability is not enough, thanks to technology and disruptive business models. Your people could hold the key to turning around the situation.

Oscar Murphy Life Strategists’ approach to change management will focus at three levels:

At the individual level –

  • How to help your people manage the personal implications of the change?
  • What are the perceptions and behaviours around the change?
  • How can individuals leverage the change to grow in roles and responsibilities?

At the team level –

  • Manage emotions, expectations and gain team buy-in for change
  • How can teams feature in the change process?

At the organisation level –

  • Where are we going and why?
  • What makes this change so crucial?
  • How do we work to leverage the most out of the change?

If your organization is facing the urgent need to reorganise or restructure in terms of people strategy, Oscar Murphy Life Strategists is the right partner to make it happen.

360° Survey & Feedback

Looking to measure the extent to which your leaders project specific leadership competencies?

Need to understand the perceptions of employees about the leadership team?

The Executive Performance Measurement customized 360-degree feedback provides multiple perspectives—from colleagues, direct reports, and leaders—leading to the creation of a more holistic picture of the recipient’s impact on others.

Executive Performance Measurement will consist of a set of competencies that are mandatory for a successful leader-manager role in the organisation’s context. Each competency will have clear indicators to determine an executive’s potential competency level. Every indicator is well defined in terms of actionable responses of an executive in a work-related situation.

The exercise will conclude with a summary report of information about the principal’s proficiency on identified competencies as viewed by the individual and by designated ‘raters’.

This feedback is a starting point for action planning and is especially useful for

  • Evaluating your performance objectively
  • Deriving an individual development plan, and
  • Setting goals to achieve.

If you would like to know more on how OMi can facilitate the Executive Performance Measurement 360° Feedback in your organization, do reach out to us.

Organisational Climate Survey

Any growing organization will need to invest in its most important asset – PEOPLE. Understanding what motivates them and what are their concerns is an important aspect of any Talent Management program.

Our Organizational Climate Survey allows you to understand the sentiments of individuals in each department and the current climate of the organization. You get an accurate understanding of how the individuals feel about various organizational aspects like policies, culture, leadership, vision and values.

If you would like to know more on how OMI can facilitate the Organisation Climate Survey, do reach out to us.


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