The Approach

Discovery/needs analysis
Through extensive interviews with key stakeholders, shadowing of leaders and interactive sessions with your talent pool and HR functions we collect insight into your organisation’s long and short-term strategy, people & productivity and skills & competencies.

• What capabilities is your organisation looking to build in the next five years?
• What are the current trends, challenges and anchors with regards to your people that hold you back from reaching your organisations goals?
• What roles are strategic to your organisations future?
• What traits do future leaders need to demonstrate? What is the desired mix of technical and behavioural skills in your leaders?

Defining objectives

At the Leadership Level
The expectations from the Leadership team are chalked out paving the way for the next stage in leadership developmental planning.
• What message will leadership drive throughout the organisation?
• What will the communication strategy be for people to accept the change?
• What are the right behaviours that leaders need to role model in order to create a culture?

At the Team Level
Setting objectives in terms of resource utilization and talent development to stay competitive and ready to meet demands from the market.

• What are the capability benchmarks we need to set and meet?
• What should we set as expectations from development initiatives at this level?

Developing Solutions

Evolution of the right people strategy will involve implications for organisation culture, leadership hierarchy and employee value proposition.

Drive Performance

OMi will help facilitate the rolling out of your new people strategy through progress meetings and stakeholder interactions as well as augment the execution phase through 1:1 leadership coaching for key leaders.

Executive Coaching

Your top leaders are at the forefront of a ‘do or die’ campaign to thrive in a competitive market. It falls on their shoulders to drive your organization’s business and people strategy through ambiguity and volatility.

With such a critical role to play in a constant grind, OMI’s senior coaches can help your leaders see through different eyes, bring a fresh perspective, develop the mental fortitude to weather challenges and be a powerful asset in the journey to delivering on your organization’s potential.


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