Building Self Esteem and Confidence in Your Children

Unknowingly and often while keeping the child's best interests in mind, parents kill their confidence and independence at a young age. The inability to adjust within social groups, lack of productivity, creativity and communication confidence of the child in adulthood have been found to link with the style of upbringing by the parents. With child psychology, learn how you can create an environment that allows for the full development of your child into the happy, well adjusted individual that he/she deserves to be.

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ABC’s of Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

Difficult behaviours are just symptoms of unresolved mental and emotional needs. Whether rebelling at school or passive aggressive behaviour at home, dealing with the child can become stressful and sometimes critical situations for parents. To deal with difficult behaviours effectively, you need to see what came before the Behaviour i.e. Antecedents and what came after it i.e. Consequences. In other words, ABC’s of dealing with difficult behaviours.

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Instilling Interest in Academics

Parents & Educators are ‘influencers’ who have the opportunity to make a huge impact on students, but like most opportunities it comes with many challenges. With today’s generation growing up in an technology rich environment in which “distraction is the norm, consistent attention is impossible, imagination is often unnecessary, and memory inhibited”, parents and teachers of today must evolve their nurturing styles to develop a sense of wonder within the child of his/her ability to learn.

If your child’s interest in academics is flagging, don’t wait and watch. Help them become independent (learning to learn) and motivated with an interest for life-long learning.

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