Team Building

OMi brings a Behaviour Attitude Thinking transformation to the Team Building challenge. Get in touch with us to augment your getaway with powerful lessons on self- awareness, team trust and team psychology. Our team building expertise travels well, into any jungle adventure or resort experience you might wish to put your team through. Our expertise as behavioural consultants is to capture often overlooked yet important behavioural markers that predict team performance and productivity, whilst your people immerse themselves in the offerings of the venue.

If you would like us to custom create a team building experience for you, no problem! OMi is no stranger to crafting wild and wacky team bonding experiences.

Go ahead take the dare, let’s give your team something unforgettable.

Influencing Without Authority

Organisational structures are becoming flatter. Team-led projects are becoming the new normal. This means there are fewer and fewer occasions in which purely top-down management and decision-making techniques are going to be effective. As a result, everyone from C-suite executives and middle managers to entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals need to develop the ability to influence others without resorting to issuing orders.

Being able to get the point across and communicate persuasively with people is a critical and desirable workplace skill that the leaders must develop.

Believe influencing without authority is a skill that your leaders require, reach out to us.

Conflict Management

Considering the scope of work performed in today’s organizations, it is important to work in teams. Bringing people together from differing backgrounds and experiences inevitably leads to internal conflicts. Can your leaders resolve workplace conflicts and promote a culture of openness through different channels? Can they bring about cohesiveness within teams?

OMi can help your manager’s handle situations of evasion of ownership, interdepartmental disagreements, differing values, personality clashes, closed communication, cultural differences etc. Through conflict management, your managers can facilitate higher productivity, grow and strengthens the bond between people, leading to overall organizational effectiveness.


People mask their true personalities and attitudes all the time, even more so at interviews. It is the interviewer’s job to look past the ‘perfectly prepared answers’ and see the true face of the candidates in context of the job role and the organisations goal.

Hire for Attitudes, train for skills

It’s not just the skills, but the Attitudes, Thinking styles, Core competency and Personality patterns that are the key parameters to making the right hiring decisions. As professionals responsible for recruitment, interviewers at all levels shoulder the key responsibility to pick the candidates with the right attitudes and aptitudes that align with the culture of the company, the potential of the role and ultimately to the vision of the organisation.

This intervention also aims to prep the participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct well prepared, structured and comprehensive behavioural interviews.

Stakeholder Engagement & Management

All businesses manage stakeholders. The only question is how intentionally, cooperatively and ethically they do so? All businesses have employees, suppliers, customers, communities and providers of capital and all businesses interact with some or all of these groups – their stakeholders – every day.

But do all businesses, through their leaders and managers, have an intentional strategy that guides these stakeholder interactions?

Do your people understand the intricacies of managing diverse stakeholder expectations, anticipate stakeholder demands and strategically deliver value?

Going beyond soft skills, OMi can develop your people’s ability to craft a Behaviour, Attitude and Thinking approach to stakeholder management.

Critical Conversations

The demand for individual performance is only increasing as competition becomes fierce and technology opens up more possibilities. As stress levels rise, leaders need to balance their task orientation with a softer people orientation – investing time to build personal trusting relationships with those they lead. Quality conversation creates an environment of care and trust, focusing on making things happen through deep emotional engagement.

OMi can help your leaders have more critical conversations with their people, where emotions and the stakes are high. Learn the nuances of communicating heart to heart, identify the innermost concerns of people and approach the most sensitive topics with surety, empathy and confidence.

To empower your managers with the skill to handle critical conversations, get in touch with us.


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