Negotiation Skills

Living life on your terms requires skilled negotiation, otherwise you are always leaving money on the table, getting short changed by the market.

Leaders who want to attain success need the skills of a negotiator. Whether we're talking about CEOs, entry-level managers or entrepreneurial leaders, to get to the top you must be ready to ask for what you deserve.

‘Negotiation skills’ help leaders to sway perception while maintaining positive relationships and outcomes with employees, customers, partners, vendors, and investors, cater for the needs of your people, understand their desires and fix small issues before they turn into giant dilemmas.

Sales Excellence

Times are changing. The sales cycle is becoming increasingly complex and customers are demanding a more personalized experience. If you’re a sales rep, you know you need to up your game and become more innovative.

It is a fair statement that customer expectations have become more demanding. It is equally true that the consequences of failing to meet them have become more significant. Moving to a competitor is done for less reason and with greater ease than yesteryear.

Is the focus of your sales calls and level of business conversations substantially better than in times past?

To be a top performer today, a sales professional has to know more and know it at a higher level of competency than ever before. There are no tricks or easy to learn tips for achieving sales excellence. It is all about constantly working at getting better – having great sales coaching and superior support from your entire company.

Design Thinking for Sales

While the routine methodology of traditional sales and selling might seem at odds to the iterative approach to design thinking, there is much to be learnt from this human centric approach to problem solving.

For a sales person, customers are of utmost importance. Customer are driven by emotion as much as by logic. If they view you as a trusted advisor, they are much more likely to buy from you.

Studies are showing that the slew of options and solutions to every perceivable kind of problem available in the market, are getting buyers stressed at the prospect of making a purchase. To decrease the buying anxiety, sales teams must work to develop an understanding of the buyer and the buyer’s business objective, prior to approaching them. This new insight into their buyer’s problems is what is going to determine sales success tomorrow.

To incorporate a design thinking approach into your sales teams daily activities, get in touch with us.

Strategic Influencing Skill

Strategic influencing is about building commitment to the organization's strategic direction by inviting others into the strategic process, forging relationships inside and outside the organization, and navigating the business landscape. The approaches to strategic influencing are varied and the skilled influencer is able to identify the right one for the right stakeholder. Each person has a preference for how he or she would like to be influenced. Selecting the best influence tactic is important to achieve the desired outcome with a person or group.

OMi helps leaders influence better, through the head, the heart and the hands. Driven by psychometric tools and proven methodologies from behavioural psychology, your leaders will be empowered to become better people managers.

For more insight into your management’s current influencing style and its impact, reach out to us.


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