Student Horoscope

If you wish to get your students to perform and produce results, here is good news from the world of Behavioural sciences. The “one size fits all” approach has lost its relevance in today’s context. We know each student learns and understands differently based on hereditary and environmental factors. By assessing the individual and unique learning styles, parents and teachers can guide the students on a personalized journey of learning.

The student horoscope is a holistic analysis of your child’s mental, attitudinal and behavioural dimensions. Each dimension links to academic performance, social effectiveness and style of self-management. Driven by objective psychometric tools, the horoscope measures your child’s multiple intelligence, inherent attitudes, behavioural motivators, learning styles and cycles, and information processing.

This pool of data now becomes a powerful asset in determining choice of subjects, dealing with behavioural challenges, developmental plans and choosing the right career path for happiness and success.

Career Horoscope

Often, due to confusion or even pressure from family, students take up streams that are considered desirable by society without realizing whether they have any actual interest and more importantly, aptitude to perform in them.

The secret to helping students choose the right career path lies in identifying innate strengths before identifying a field that taps into it. The career horoscope is an effective and unbiased form of strength profiling that will open the eyes of students and parents to a world of professional happiness and opportunity with the path to get there.

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