Ms. Regina

“By taking FITS and other assessments, I get to understand my own strengths and gaps for development. This awareness has given me confidence in my choice of career and focus in developing my gaps. In addition, I also became more objective in my views of others, less emotional. I become more empathetic towards others, and less to expect others to be the same as me. For my staff, I begin to have conversation around their strengths, and what they need for development to fill the gaps. This awareness also helps me to plan more objectively in terms of resources; putting the right people in the right job. I can’t say enough of the huge benefits and advantage of understanding these learnings. Of course, it is not an overnight learning; it is the continuous support and feedback from the talented coaching from Chinyi and Sreenidhi. It’s life skills that all who want to have a fruitful life and a successful career managing people”.