Successful marriages …

Successful marriages are not guaranteed or destined, they are created.

Genetics, upbringing or simply the dance of planets, whichever factor decided your personality, spending some time to learn more about it can make your marital life heavenly.

Successful marriages are not guaranteed or destined, they are created. Through ‘smart’ hard work, awareness and an acceptance that your stars have no role to play in your happiness, rather you decide how happy you will be. So, choose to secure it early on and keep it protected over the years.

Most couples know the other only superficially and hence the challenge in interpersonal relationships between husband and wife. Each partner in a marriage carries baggage in the form of genetic behavioural attitudes, experiences, biases, situational knowledge and prejudices. Coexisting requires tremendous adjustment by each party to learn and accept each other’s peculiarities and can often take years to stabilize. This could mean going through years of constant friction before a truce of understanding and mutual respect is reached.

Therefore, earlier the exploration of each other’s best and worst, faster the acceptance and appreciation.

If you are just engaged or newlywed, invest the effort in getting your Psychological Couple Horoscope (PCH) done early on.

The PCH is a quick and simple way of opening a window into each partner’s personality profile – their strengths, their fears, their communication habits and internal attitudes. It is an experience that will open your eyes to the way your partner connects with the world, why he/she chooses to make the choices they make, take the decisions they take, the expectations they have and will continue to have throughout your married life. It Makes Your Marriage Work, by helping each partner know the inner mind of his/her spouse.

The PCH will help each partner accept what behaviour is uniquely frustrating to the other, which specific styles of communication to avoid and why, and what messages are likely being communicated between the lines of what is said. 

The PCH is a scientific and reliable tool, unlike many internet self-help diagnostics and ‘listicles’, that is administered and interpreted by psychologists. The insights that come out of the PCH can help you build a foundation for your marriage that will benefit you for decades to come.

Take a proactive step to strengthen the love and increase the respect in your marriage.

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